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Criminal Law Blog :
F.I.R,Quashing of F.I.R,criminal Coplaint,Bail,anticipatory Bail, Criminal Appeal. Criminal writ petition,Crimianal revision petition, Criminal Law & Lawyers..etc..
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Civil Law Blog,

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Civil recovery Suit, stay matters, Suit for partition,anti suit Injunction, Money suit, suit for damages, will & probate Cases,terrotorial Jurisdiction, suit for specific relief, suit for declaration, written statement, civil decree,exexcution of decree, award in arbitration..etc..
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Child Custody Blog:

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child Custody Law India,NRI child Custody Law India, Child Visitation rights, Child Custody order, Child Custody in Divorce Cases, Child Alimony, Foreign National Child custody order India, Child Support Law India..etc

Medical Negligence Cases in India, Individual Liability of Doctors, Civil Damages in Medical Negligence Cases, Criminal Cases in medical negligence in India, Medical Negligence Cases Lawyers in Delhi India, Medical Negligence attorneys India, Judgment on Medical Negligence Cases in India.

Cyber Crimes Laws and Lawyers in Delhi,India.


Cyber Crime Lawyer .Indian Cyber Crime Laws, Indian Information Technology Act, Cyber Crimes India, Law of Internet crime, Cyber Crimes Lawyers India, Cyber experts in India, Cyber Crime Cases Lawyers in Delhi,ATM Fraud Cases, Bail under sec.67 of IT Act, Electronic Evidence in Cyber Crime Cases, Online fraud under cyber crime, Cyber crime, Stalking, snooping, harassment and bullying, unauthorized email access, malware by email, phishing attack, Trolling, Fake antivirus, credit card frauds, phishing, child pornography, scams. At worst, cyber crime can lead to financial ruin and potentially threaten a victim’s reputation and personal safety.

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Contract or Agreement Litigation in India.

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The Indian Contract Act,1872,Bailment & Pledged,sale of goods,Partnership,Litigation in Contract,when contract become void,Void and Voidable contract,Contract of indemnity,Bank Guarantee, Rights of surety on payment or performance,Right of indemnity-holder when sued,Agency Appointment and Authority of agents,The Consequences of Breach of Contract,Indemnity and Guarantee,Performance of Contracts which must be Performed,Contingent Contracts,Contracts, Voidable Contracts, and Void Agreements,

Child Custody Laws in India

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Child Custody Law in India,Foreign Child Custody Order in India,Child Support in India,Child Custody Cases in India,Child Alimony and Maintenance Law in India,Child Visitation Order in Divorce Proceeding,Child Custody in Divorce cases in India.

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Latest Judgments on Divorce in India.


 Latest Judgments on Divorce Cases in India, Divorce Decree Judgments in India,Divorce Alimony Judgments, Judgments of Supreme Court on Divorce, Judgments of Delhi High Court on Divorce Matters,Divorce Judgments,Divorce Cases Judgments,

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Grounds for Divorce in India

 Divorce Grounds in India,Contested Divorce Grounds,Cruelty Grounds Divorce in India,Grounds for Divorce in Hindu Marriage Act,1955,Hindu Divorce Laws India,Indian Divorce Grounds,

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Will, Probate,Injunction suit of Property,Partition of Property suit,Co-owner of Property,Co-sharer of Property,Disputes of Property Cases,Property Litigation Cases,Property division suit,attachment of property in execution of decree,cancellation of registration of property,Agreement to sell,Property mortgage suit,HUF Property Litigation,Builder and Buyer contract Litigation,Share of Legal heirs in Ancestral property,share of wife and children in Husband property,

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Debt Collection Laws and Attorneys in India


Debt Collection Law in India, Debt Collection India,Business Debt Collection Law India, Companies Debt Collection Law India, Commercial Debt Collection India,.. To know more Click the Link below:

Dowry Laws in India and Bails.

Understand the Laws regarding Dowry cases in India. Power of Arrest in Dowry Cases under section 498a IPC in Delhi,Arrest guideline in 498- A-IPC by Allahabad High Court in 498a IPC,Misuse of Dowry Law under section 498a IPC,Bail and anticipatory Bail in section 498a/406 IPC,Quashing of F.I.R.under section 482 Cr.p.c in 498a IPC Cases,Registration of F.I.R under section 498a IPC,No arrest without permission of DCP,Delhi.

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Misuse of Dowry Law in India,498a Ipc is abuse process of Law,Dowry Law must be amended, Amendment in Dowry Law India,Mususe of 498a IPC,Misuse of Dowry Case says Supreme Court of India.

Medical Negligence Laws in India

Medical Negligence Cases in India,Individual Liability of Doctors,Civil Damages in Medical Negligence Cases,Criminal Cases in medical negligence in India,Medical Negligence Cases Lawyers in Delhi India,Medical Negligence attorneys India, Judgement on Medical Negligence Cases in India.

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Anti-Corruption Cases Laws in India.

Prevention of Corruption Act Cases Lawyers in Delhi,Lawyers for Anti Corruption Cases in Delhi,Lawyers for CBI Corruption Cases in Delhi,Prevention of Corruption Act,1988,Punishment in Prevention of Corruption Act Cases,Bail in Prevention of Corruption Act Cases,Trial Lawyers in Prevention of Corruption Act Cases Delhi,Prevention of Corruption Act Cases Judgments.


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