Dowry Case under section 498a IPC

498A of indian penal code

(amend dowry law to stop missues)

. Amend dowry law to stop its missues,say supremecourt of India. The Hon”ble supremecourt of india has painly told the goverment to take a relook at the anti-dowry law-section 498A of indian penal code-the hon”ble court said that it has been misused by women to lodge false or ex-aggerated complaints against husbands and their relatives accusing them of cruel behaviour. such is the level of exaggeration of cruel behaviour on the part of husbands and their relatives that “to find out of truth is a Herculean task in a majority of these complaints” The bench comprising Justice dalveer Bhandari and K.S.Radhakrishnan. The bench further said concerned at the rise in complaints under section 498A ipc .The bench further said “we come across a large number of such complaints which are not even bonafide and are filed with oblique motives.” The Hon”ble court observed:-

1.large number of cases /complaints filed under the anti-dowry law are either fals or exaggerated .

2.At times,even after conclusion of the criminal trial,its is difficult to ascertain the truth,

3.Ask heed ground realties and make suitable changes to the law.

Leges Criminal Juris